TZ Revision

AOSA Tetrazolium Testing Handbook update procedures:
Members of the AOSA and SCST worked many years to develop the 2010 edition of the AOSA Tetrazolium Testing Handbook.  The notebook style of the handbook and  the ample space provided on the procedures pages were designed so that analysts could easily make notations, corrections, and additions.  

The TZ subcommittee welcomes comments and proposals for changes.  

To streamline the revision process, the TZ subcommittee has developed procedures to be followed if you would like to see changes (simple or complex) made in the Tetrazolium Testing Handbook.   Please use and consult the following documents:

1.  Information questionnaire to accompany complex changes.


If your changes are simple:

  Simple:  Spelling, punctuation, spacing      

  -----Submit to TZ Committee chair
  -------------TZ chair formats and submits changes to AOSA webmaster
  ------------------------Changes loaded to AOSA website (TZ Handbook update page)


If your changes are complex:

  Complex: illustration changes,  text box wording changes,  page layout changes,  rewrites,  additions
  1. Work together for consensus with reference labs as listed for the method to be changed or work with the review group. 
    (The committee chair may be able to recommend experts and others who should be consulted for consensus.)
  2. Submit changes to TZ Handbook Review group (appointed by TZ chair)  for approval and formatting
  3. AOSA editors and executive board informed of changes
  4. TZ chair sends electronic pages to AOSA webmaster
  5. Changes loaded to AOSA website.