TZ Resources

AOSA/ISTA resource comparisons

Tree and shrub species (Prepared by Victor Vankus, US Forest Service)
Agricultural species (Prepared by Annette Miller)

Booklet, pdf format:

Seed Preparation Tools for TZ Testing (prepared by Annette Miller, 2004)


Introductory TZ lecture   (prepared by Annette Miller, 2004, amended 2014)
TZ Chemistry  (prepared by Annette Miller, 2004)
TZ Method for Sorghum (prepared by Augusto Martinelli, 2004)
TZ Method for Glycine max (prepared by Alejandra Petinari and Augusto Martinelli, 2004)

Handouts, pdf format:
Chlorophyllous embryos (N. Vivrette 2006)
Bouteloua curtipendula (A. Miller 2004)
Buchloe dactyloides (A. Miller 2004)
Helianthus (S. Dammen 2005)
Spartina (A. Miller 2004)
Spartina (S. Dammen 2005)
Tripsacum (A. Miller 2004)

Bibiliography for Workshop (A. Miller 2004)

TZ Photo Gallery:
Avena sativa (J. Zook, 2007)
Calamovilfa (S. Dammen, 2007)
Coix lacryma-jobi (A. MIller)
Mirabilis sp. (A. Miller)
Nassella viridula (S. Dammen, 2007)
Poa bulbosa (A. Miller)

Pigmented Embryos:
Sporobolus compositus (A. Miller)
Nierembergia (A. Miller)

Ransom Seed Lab: Some of the species pages at this link have TZ photos. The pages were
created by the staff at Ransom Seed Laboratory.