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Tetrazolium Testing Handbook

AOSA and SCST are pleased to announce the availability of the 2010 edition of the Tetrazolium Testing Handbook. This significantly expanded and updated handbook is the result of 10+ years of effort by the Tetrazolium Subcommittee and collaboration by many seed analysts in the Society of Commercial Seed Technologists and the Association of Official Seed Analysts

 The intent of the handbook is to offer guidelines and methodologies in tetrazolium testing.  The ultimate goal is to improve uniformity in tetrazolium seed testing by providing standardized, detailed procedures and clear evaluation criteria. The addition of color photographs and many new families makes this handbook an essential resource for all seed laboratories that conduct tetrazolium tests and the seed industry.

 A combination of illustrations and photographs are used to describe seed/embryo morphology, preparation/cutting techniques, and TZ staining patterns.  The handbook includes over 100 plant families, comprehensive principles and procedures, with family and genera specific information.  A bibliography at the end of the handbook lists references associated with tetrazolium seed testing.    

The handbook’s notebook format is intended to encourage further refinement and experimentation with the TZ methods and techniques.  Ample space for notes allows analysts to personalize the instructions.  Part 2 is unpaginated to allow easy updates and additions of plant family procedures as they are developed.  It is the committee’s hope that analysts will continue to share experiences and improve the handbook by submitting suggested changes to the committee.  Periodic additions and changes are the best way to ensure that the handbook will continue to meet the needs of analysts and the seed industry.

The cost, shipping not included, of the 2010 edition of the Tetrazolium testing Handbook is:
$270 for a printed copy in a 3-ring binder
$135 for a CD or electronic version, which includes a license to print one copy