Illustrations and photos TZ

Illustrations and photos from:

GRABE, D.F. (ed.) 1970. Tetrazolium Testing Handbook for Agricultural Seeds. Contribution No. 29
to the Handbook on Seed Testing, AOSA.

Figures 6-10 originally appeared  in:
Delouche, J.C., T. W. Still, M. Raspet, and M. Lienhard. 1962.  The tetrazolium test for seed viability.  Miss. Agric. Exp. Sta. Tech. Bull. 51.
Figure 6 Wheat
Figure 7 Pensacola Bahiagrass
Figure 8 Bermudagrass
Figure 9 Crimson Clover
Figure 10  Cotton

Photos by R. P. Moore and Frieda Wertman:
Plate I Corn               
Plate II  Wheat           
Plate III  Tall Fescue  
Plate IV  Bluegrass       
Plate IV  Timothy
Plate V Soybeans
Plate V Crimson Clover
Plate VI Cotton